Where the project stands now.

  Do Hanson know we want them to tour Canada?
  Actually, the answer is 'yes'. Though, unfortunately, it comes down to whether it is worth it for Hanson to tour Canada, rather than whether or not they want to.

  Proof that Hanson know we want them in Canada
  On two separate occasions in Ask Hanson:
  Exhibit A
  Exhibit B
  There was also a mention of touring the west coast in From Us To You:
  Exhibit C

  Project Exposure
  On November 10, 2005 (Hanson's only Canadian tour date, yet again) Jen (jasmine84) was the chosen reporter and handed the boys a Canadian flag signed by all the fans in line for the concert with the URL to our project website written along the bottom.
  It has also been reported that the fans in attendance at the Meet & Greet plugged for a Canadian tour. Thanks everyone!

  On May 3, 2006, 93.5 FM - CHMR – a radio station based in St. John's, NL – broadcasted a two hour Hanson special as the final show for Jen's (jasmine84) "The Music Lives" program. Jen had previously recorded an exclusive phone interview with Taylor and broadcasted it as part of her final show. Hanson fans worldwide tuned in and maxed out the station's mp3 stream! The show was rebroadcasted the following Saturday, May 6th (Hanson Day!) and is now streamable through to fan club members.
  While, Taylor managed to muddle up the radio station's name a few times, it is still fantastic that he is reminded again of amazing and dedicated fans that exist throughout Canada. This was an amazing opportunity to expose Hanson to the Maritimes and Jen did a superb job! Again, I am amazed and deeply impressed with Jen's dedication to getting Hanson's music out there. Thanks Jen, for a great interview and giving us all more hope for a Hanson tour across Canada!