The project is broken into two parts:
  Part one is ongoing and involves general promotion of the band.
  Part two consists of temporary campaigns. These campaigns are often promotion-related, but are time sensitive.

  Part I – Promotion

  The best way to show Hanson that they should tour Canada is to let them know they still have tonnes of support here. The first step in letting them see this, is through promotion.
  We realize that not all Canadian Hanson fans are a part of the Street Team, but the following promotional activities do not require you to be a ST member to participate in. Although if you are doing any type of Hanson-related promotions, why not just join the Team? It only takes a minute to apply!

  How To Promote:

  1. The easiest way to promote is through word of mouth.
    Let people know that Hanson are still around and are a credible rock group (not a boy band) with an independently-released album that has garnered hundreds of great reviews.
  2. Request their songs on the radio and TV.
    Although "Penny & Me" and "Lost Without Each Other" are no longer 'recent' singles, as long as people are still hearing these songs, they'll know that Hanson still has support.
  3. Other Street Teaming activities.
    Those who are members know what to do!

  Part II – Temporary Campaigns

  Currently, we are focusing on one campaign.
  The campaign is our Canada scrapbook! More info here.