Temporary Campaign II – Canada Scrapbook

  How well does Hanson know Canada? Well, instead of making assumptions, we can take action to educate Hanson on our wonderful country! As part of our project, we will put together a scrapbook about Canada and send it to Hanson.

  Who Does What:

  1. Everyone who wishes to participate must choose a region.
    You may do as many attractions in as many cities as you like. Here is a list of who has signed up for what region so far. If you're not on the list but you have expressed interest at some point, please let me know!
  2. Take some pictures, write a few sentences, etc.
    Everything that goes into the scrapbook should be original material. It would be super awesome if you got yourself or some other Hanson fans to pose at the local attractions you're hilighting. Also, please do not copy word-for-word written material from brochures, websites, etc. That is copyright infringement! If you do take something, quote it.
  3. Putting all your material together.
    You have creative license to do whatever you like with your page(s)!
  4. Sending your page(s) in.
    Once you are finished with your page(s), let me know (either by email, PM on H.net, or a message on LJ) and I will email you my address for you to send your stuff in!

  Scrapbook Format:
  * I will post a picture of the scrapbook cover as soon as it's decorated, so watch this space!

  Some Ideas: