Full Canadian Tour

Welcome to the Full Canadian Tour project website! We are deprived Hanson fans in need of some concerts, and have been discussing a way to spark the guys' interests in touring across Canada.
Our goal is to let Hanson know that Canada ≠ Ontario; that they have fans all over the country. But our project is not about sending angry e-mails or petitions. We are about promoting Canada and promoting Hanson in Canada. For more details, click on into the Project page.


October 31, 2007

May 12
Yes, I realize that it's been almost a year's hiatus. I have been crazy busy with school the past year and finally graduated last month! I promise I'll have more time to update now. (Actually, I haven't had much to report anyway seeing as only one of you sent in a scrapbook page! Thanks Annie!)
Now that the release of "The Walk" has been pushed to July, we still have two-months' time to rally for a cross-country tour, so let's get on it!!
Also, two new members have been added! (Thanks for your patience!)

May 30
Major updates to the website! Please check out the Project section!
There have also been some minor updates to other pages, but stay tuned for a new Progress section!

May 25
The Canada ≠ Toronto project now has a LiveJournal community, so please join in for discussions on project details, team activities, progress, etc. at: community.livejournal.com/cadoesntequalto! See you all there!

May 13

New team member added!
Details about the scrapbooking project will be posted shortly! Stay tuned! For now, please refer to the "Full Canadian Tour" thread in the Canada Forum on Hanson.net!

February 23
Sorry for the hiatus, but new team members have been added!

January 6
New team members added! (Thank you Jen [jasmine84] for all the promoting!)

January 1
Happy New Year!! With the new year comes a new URL for the site! http://www.aimless-conversations.net/fct
(Let's hope this is the last time we need to change this.) A great big thank you goes out to Amber (TasteTheRainbow) for offering to host the site!

December 27
Sorry for the long hiatus. My host is still working on getting the Can't Deny domain back up, so please use this URL for the time being: users.hanson.net/keruri/fullcdntour/index2.html.
New team members have (finally) been added, and the Progress page has been updated.

October 16
New team members & Progress section added.
Members, keep your eyes peeled to your inboxes!

September 10
New layout and URL: http://pw.cantdeny.com/fullcdntour
We are in discussion of setting up a private forum/group for team members to discuss project-related topics. Details to come!

August 14
Those who are not listed on the Team page, but have expressed interest in joining the project, please let us know! We would like to keep track of who is involved and to be able to contact everyone.

August 7
The project has been updated! Please refer to the Project page to see the details. (The website has also undergone a facelift.)

July 21
We are currently in the process of restructuring this project. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know! Please send all comments or questions to fullcanadiantour@hanson.net. Thank you for your support and interest in the project!


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